Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Grandaughter

Rebekah Kinsley is the first grandchild on both sides of her grandparents. She is also the first great-grandchild...and that she IS..great. I love her so much. When she is in the room, I can't take my eyes off her. Seeing things through the eyes of a 14 month old is exciting. She squeals and laughs so easily. Now that she can walk..run, she is a mess. She was the star at my retirement as well as her birthday, May 17th. She has a great pair of parents too. Marcela, her Brazilian mom is amazing. She is beautiful and a great mom. Marcela is always taking pictures of Rebekah and teaching her two languages as well. Rebekah's first word was "JESUS." Marcela is a Godily woman and will be a great missionary wife for my son, Sam. I watched Sam change that baby's diaper and prepare her food and lovingly nurture her while she was at my house Saturday. He is a prayer warrior for our family. They will be leaving for Belo Horozonte this Fall to serve the Lord in Campus Ministery.


Sue said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Grandchildren ARE GRAND!!! I know that you are going to miss them when they leave for Mexico, but knowing that they are serving God will make it easier. That is what we all pray that our children will do.

BamaNana said...

She is really a super GRANDchild and amazing in learning 2 languages. She will probably be like Maggie in Senegal, & learn more languages!!! She is going to take Belo, Brazil by storm and be so loved & spoiled by Marcela's family!!!!