Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kreative Blog Award

Thanks so much to The Santa Maker for this award. I will be glad to tell you the 6 things I value most and 6 things I least value.

1. I value the freedom I enjoy to spend time with friends.

2. I value worshiping in a free country.

3. I love my two children and granddaughter and value their love for me.

4. I am thankful for my parents and all they taught me and loved me.

5. I value the goodness of the people in my community.

6. I value the opportunity to travel.

The Six Things I Least Value

1. Having to weigh-in at the doctor's office!( copied from Santamaker)

2. Oh darn, I don't value housework a'tall!

3. I don't value of labels in clothes, purses, shoes etc.

4. I don't value the opinions of snobbish folks.

5. I dislike stealing, lying and cheating.

6. I don't value driving a new car. Mine is 13 years old and just fine!

7. Whining...can't stand it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Fun with the Girls

My camera is on the blink so I missed some great pictures this weekend. Several of us "girls" get together and play Dominoes and have a sleep over about once a month. This weekend we went down to Lay Lake and enjoyed sitting out on the porch talking and visiting. We never got around to playing Mexican Train Dominoes. We ate grilled burgers, potato salad and homemade coconut pie with coffee! This morning, we had the "OLE" breakfast casserole, cheese grits and fresh mixed fruit. It is so nice to just hang out with friends and talk and bond. After breakfast we all hit yard sales and the Big Antique Mall in Chelsea had it's fall yard sale. What Fun! Speaking of Fall..Check out this Giveaway at Cupcakes & Sunshine.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farming ~ Harvesting Memories~Sub Teaching

I used to pass this cotton field daily before I retired in May. I took this picture last spring as they farmers were preparing the fields to plant cotton seed. I am now working a substitute teaching job for a few weeks for a teacher friend that had surgery. I'm glad to see this field in full bloom of lovely white cotton.Sue wrote a great blog with pictures of our cotton fields. I know you will enjoy reading it.
Now, back to THE JOB at hand. It has been fun since I have five of the children that I taught last year... except one year older. I now know what teacher's are referring to when they say a student doesn't know certain skills or facts. I KNOW that I taught those skills to 5 students in this class. However, they are having a difficult time convincing me they were NEVER taught that. I keep saying, "remember when we...yada.yada..." They look at me clueless! Oh well, I will never blame a teacher for not teaching some child needed skills previously! LOL Children also like to go back to the previous grade and visit their "OLD" teacher. I have tried to send mine back to their "OLD" teacher several times to be bragged on. It is so funny to watch them go out the door then come back in with their hands on their hips and say, " MS. ARLEDGE, you are my Old Teacher!" LOL Today, I tried to send them back to second grade hall to show their school pictures to their last year's teacher! It worked on two of them!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Saturday ~ October 4,2006

Happy Pink Saturday once again. Thanks to BEVERLY for hosting this pink party. Today I thought I would share my feminine pink ladies items. I have a vintage pair of pink satin house shoes with rabbit fur trim. They have a square 2 inch heel. Now, how could you be comfortable in your night clothes and heels? I also have a pink vintage box of ladies "stockings," or hosiery. They are silk and in great shape. Along with them, of course I have the pink garters to hold them up. Displayed with the feminine items is a pink stacked hatbox candle. When we have silly shoes day at school, I take the shoes just to show off...I wear a size 10 and can not even get my big toe in these vintage house shoes.