Monday, July 28, 2008


Isn't retirement what we work to acheive our entire life? Isn't reitrement supposed to be great? Well, why has the first two months been a nightmare? Everyone says, " How are you enjoying retirement?" Well, you see, when you have spent 33+ years around wonderful people and children, as a teacher, it's tough! I miss those hugs, I miss my school family and I am lost! Oh yes, I have been signed up to do everything in our little town that volunteers do. I tell everyone that it's hard to tell right now because teachers are off every summer anyway. School starts here next week. I wonder if I'll be able to stay away! I wonder how many of my kids will miss me? I hope I've touched enough lives to help them be strong, 'cause I sure feel weak.

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Amy said...

I know one person that misses you already...ME! I love you, and our school isn't the same without you. No matter who moves "next door" that will ALWAYS be your classroom. Just many children are reading now, because of you? What a legacy. What a teacher. I am proud to call you my friend.
MUCH love,