Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farming ~ Harvesting Memories~Sub Teaching

I used to pass this cotton field daily before I retired in May. I took this picture last spring as they farmers were preparing the fields to plant cotton seed. I am now working a substitute teaching job for a few weeks for a teacher friend that had surgery. I'm glad to see this field in full bloom of lovely white cotton.Sue wrote a great blog with pictures of our cotton fields. I know you will enjoy reading it.
Now, back to THE JOB at hand. It has been fun since I have five of the children that I taught last year... except one year older. I now know what teacher's are referring to when they say a student doesn't know certain skills or facts. I KNOW that I taught those skills to 5 students in this class. However, they are having a difficult time convincing me they were NEVER taught that. I keep saying, "remember when we...yada.yada..." They look at me clueless! Oh well, I will never blame a teacher for not teaching some child needed skills previously! LOL Children also like to go back to the previous grade and visit their "OLD" teacher. I have tried to send mine back to their "OLD" teacher several times to be bragged on. It is so funny to watch them go out the door then come back in with their hands on their hips and say, " MS. ARLEDGE, you are my Old Teacher!" LOL Today, I tried to send them back to second grade hall to show their school pictures to their last year's teacher! It worked on two of them!


Sue said...

Thanks, Tricia for mentioning my blog. I know what you mean about teacher's thinking a student wasn't taught a skill...I bet you are enjoying having some of the same students again. By the way...I was laughing just last night about the squirrel story. Amy said it was even funnier to hear you tell it in person.

Amy said...

You are HILARIOUS! When Darby comes back, who can we kick out so you can stay?

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh I love that tilling the soil neat!

santamaker said...

Hi Tricia,
thanks so much for your caring comment on my post... I really appreciate your thoughts and concern. I gave myself a hug just like you suggested! I do feel better! :O)
Wow, you are a teacher! You're one special lady!

onlymehere said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I just read through your last post and you sound like a really fun teacher! Come back anytime you want! Cindy

Smilingsal said...

You sound as if you bring humor into the classroom, something every Good teacher does.

Becky said...

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You are always so encouraging and I appreciate it a bunch. Whenever I see your picture pop up on my blog I remember the squirrel story. So how does it feel to be the squirrel lady. Of course I say that with great fondness. I know that story was a hit in blogland. Everybody needs a laugh these days.
Take care