Friday, August 8, 2008

Passion For Pink

I am a pink person! I love everything PINK~ I collect Fire King's Pink Swirl dishes....only made during Elvis Presley days. I also collect the dishes my mother used when I was a girl. I never knew the name of them until one day at The Birmingham Fairgrounds Flea Market I just saw them! Turns out they are called Hazel. I believe they came in DUZ detergent.The have no markings on them. I recognized the yellow flower on the plate because I used to scrub the color off thinking it was egg yolk! I have pink aprons, glasses, vintage linens, pink enamel ware and working on finding pink vintage cooking utensils. I have a stand up mixer as well as a portable one. I even have an ice crusher and a meat,vegetable grinder. And check out that 50's clock radio. I try to use everything whenever possible because my kids will put it at the Thrift Store when I'm gone. I am a collector, they are not. I got it honestly from my parents. They grew up when you saved string off of the sacks of flour and hog shorts! I've worn those little calico dresses made from flour sacks. They rarely were you think? Thanks to my friend Carol for arranging my items on the Hoosier. She can just put junk together so nicely.


Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a lovely cabinet and collection! I know my kids and family won't really *know* what I have either, so I intend on writing everything down so that when I'm gone they can have an auction or whatever. I hate the thought of my things being thrown out or sold for 25 cents, lol!

You simply must join us for PINK SATURDAY!

Sue said...

I love your collection and it is displayed so pretty....I knew that you collected poodles but I didn't know about the pink.