Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Contagious~No, It's Justice

One week at school I noticed three of my students wearing arm slings. Now, I had taught two of the girls and the other one visits me often and is a sweet little friend. I learned to realize that things are not always what they look like. For example, one of my students from second grade (J) was excused from doing homework for two weeks because she had her arm in a cast...a cast she found in the girl's bathroom! We educators laugh when kids get caught up with. You see, J was in my room once and the mom gave me a hard time about accusing the little girl of doing sneaky things. Well, to get back to the story, J was now in the 4th grade and her mom came in to pick her up early from school. J, unsuspecting, walked out in the hall and saw her mom, and quickly ducked into the bathroom and hid the cast. However, it wasn't quick enough. The mom caught a glimpse of that cast and marched down to the classroom to investigate. We could hear the mom yelling "you a lie" and J bawling clear on the back hall . It was hard to hear above our laughing! Yes, there is justice for teachers, especially if you teach long enough! This is also a reason I wouldn't name my kids J! Anyway, the three girls decided to write their stories and I would publish them. Happy Ending!


Amy said...

I LOVE the cast story! That was quite a thing we could always count on...LAUGHTER!!! Let's plan that 2nd grade chicks night. Where do you want to go?
ILY! AND I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

Sue said...

You show write a book about your teaching memories. I am SO GLAD you have this blog....I LOVE reading what you write each day. I miss you!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

What a funny story, little stinkers!