Friday, September 12, 2008

Sebastian my grandog

Let me introduce you to Sebastian. He is my granddog. He gets really scared during storms and doesn't like to stay alone. His human used to bring him to my house every morning to stay with my sweet Sugar so he wouldn't be scared and bored. I was at work too, so basically , Sugar babysat him during the day. His human, my daughter, would pick him up after work and take him back home....get the picture. Yea, it was like having a grandchild that stays with Nana during the day. Well, my daughter got married and moved into a new house and Sebastian's living arrangements changed. My daughter decided that they needed to be more responsible pet owners and started putting Sebastian in her daylight basement just during the day while they were at work. The basement had her old sofa for him to still lay around on and a window to look out. He had everything he least it appeared he did. My daughter came home one evening and Sebastian had blood on his front paws and fur. He was missing 3 teeth and had another loose. When she arrived at the top of the stairs, the door was bloody as well as the door jam. He had scratched his paws raw on the metal door and irritated his claws as well. "What had happened?," was our question. There had not been any bad weather that day. However, that was the day our community sounds off the practice of the weather siren. Maybe that scared him. Maybe he is a creature of habit, and needed his routine back. I went over the next morning and brought Sebastian back to his Sugar and Nana's house. He now resides with me. After Sugar died, Sebastian grieved for her just as I did. He still looks at the door or sits on the back of the sofa and looks for her. Me too! He gets her old toys and shakes them. He comforts me when I need a friend too. He sleeps with me at night so... he must go be groomed every 5 weeks. I'm not sleeping with a scratching, snoring, stinky man! He struts around after his appointment because he knows that he is too cute for words!

Sebastian is a Shitzu. He does look like a little Chinese man. He will be 12 years old next month. I am his third owner. He still likes to visit my daughter, but he's ready to come home when I leave. My daughter takes care of him when I'm gone on trips. But the rule is...he must spend the day at Nana's House! :)

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Melissa Wertz said...

Love Shih Tzus. My favorite dog was/is a shih tzu. He was so good. Saved my DD's life once. But when she started toddling and just before she turned 2 he turned on her. Some friends, who loved and wanted him dearly, took him. He has had a wonderful home and life with them.

Sebastian has a wonderful life with you as well. :-)