Friday, August 15, 2008

Ya Ha Sisterhood

My sister and I rarely get to do anything together...just the two of us. Well, It's about time! We are both retired and "free as a bird" to finally make an effort to travel together. Our long time childhood friend is getting married next Friday and invited us to come out to her wedding in Tombstone, Arizona! Well, We're Doing It! I told our friend, Carol, that we would not be able to make it, then all of a sudden, Priceline ran a sale on airfare that included a rental car! We will leave on Wednesday, Aug. 20th and check out the sights a few days before Carol's wedding. We are SO excited to travel our first trip together in a long time. Our parents took us to this same spot out West when we were 5 and 9 years old. It will be so much fun to revisit it.We plan to make this an annual event. Oh, did I mention that we only live 8 blocks apart? My sister, Darthy has 4 grands and Garrison is standing with us at my retirement party. We are both retired teachers.I will post our travels when we return, if the cowboys and Injuns don't shoot us up or lynch us!


Sue said...

GOOD FOR YOU,GIRL! I am glad you and Darthy are traveling out west....don't be hittin' too many saloons!!!!! Amy said she saw you yesterday and she told me how great YOU looked. She misses you so much. I'm glad we are bloggin' buddies because we can keep in touch this way.

linda t said...

OH, I can't wait to hear all about your travels to our fine state of ARIZONA!!
I love the drive from Phoenix, through Tucson, on to Tombstone. We have driven through there several times on our way to Bisbee. So desolate and beautiful!
Praying all goes well!

Joy said...

It sounds like you are going to have a very enjoyable trip with your sister. Have fun and be safe.

Deborah said...

Hello Tricia!

I hope you and you sister have a wonderful time at your friend's wedding.

The kitchen ladies are delightful!

OH! pink cup does have two holes in the handle, but only one for your finger.

The pink cowgirl hat - that was Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor trying that on. I don't think she bought it, but it did look cute on here, didn't it?

Kathy said...

What a special time for you and your sister. Enjoy!

Lara said...

a great pink post! this colour is for great girls spending time together!

Joanna said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you have a great time! Go wild & paint the town PINK! :) xoxo, Joanna

Lib said...

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for visiting, come back anytime.
I love your header!
Hope you all have a great trip!

Sugar Bear said...

That sounds wonderful! AZ is such a beautiful state. How perfect that you get to go with your sis!

Jill said...

Hi Tricia,
Thanks for stopping in At Home in the Country and leaving me a note!

I love your pink header, with all the dishes...makes my heart do a pitter patter.


Marg said...

Thanks for stopping by Tricia.
Sounds like a wonderful trip for both of you.
I'm trying to visualize the Pink Posts. I think they should be red or blue.